Automotive Repairs | Charleston SC

Auto Repair and Services in Charleston, South Carolina

Auto Repair and Services in Charleston

Get Back on the Road

Accidents happen to the best of us. They come out of nowhere, and whether your accident left you with an unsightly dent or a totaled vehicle, they tend to leave a mark. After an accident, your vehicle might not even be roadworthy. If you need any type of automotive repairs, we’re here for you.

Fortunately, your latest automobile mishap doesn’t have to be your vehicle’s last. South Coast Automotive has been getting drivers in Charleston, Goose Creek, Ladson and the surrounding area, back on the road for more than 25 years. Trust in our reliable and experienced services the next time you get into an accident or need a repair done for your vehicle.

We Do It All

You might be concerned that your car’s problem doesn’t fit our services. After all, who in the area could have the expertise to repair your 1978 Mustang? Who knows how to beef up your muscle rig after its latest run? Who could possibly have the know-how to soup up your own custom-built car?

We can do all of the above and more.

From routine repairs on brakes or engines to highly specialized and intricate operations, we’re fully qualified to work on your vehicle and leave it in pristine condition.

Rely on Our Professionalism

In our over two decades of experience in servicing vehicles, we’ve seen it all. Everything has come through our door, from the most broken-down vehicle to minor scuffs and adjustments. We have an eye for detail that skill alone can’t provide. We’ll take on individual vehicles and massive fleets and give them the repairs they need.